Tash Peterson is back, but instead of disrupting a livestock event at the Perth Royal Show, protesting local butcher shops, children’s pony parties or Bunnings sausage sizzles, this time it was a supermarket down south.

The vegan and antivax activist filmed herself and her boyfriend being told to leave the IGA in Denmark on Friday, after refusing to wear a mask.

Premier Mark McGowan expanded the mask wearing rule to the Great Southern on January 27 after a cluster in Denmark grew.

Staff asked the couple to leave, to which they didn’t, saying they were ‘medically exempt’ from masking up. However, when they were asked to show proof of their exemption, Peterson said she didn’t have to show them, or the police, that information.

The Emergency Management Act 2005 states that a person who is medically exempt from wearing a mask must produce a medical certificate to a ‘reasonable person’ — including police and shop owners when asked.

“Jack and I are in Denmark Western Australia… it’s not a city, it’s almost about five hours away from the nearest city – Perth – which is where I live,” she says in the vid.

“[On Thursday], a majority of people weren’t wearing masks… and some mandate has been enforced as of today [Friday], and Jack and I were refused entry on the basis of not wearing a mask into both of the Super IGA supermarkets here.

“It’s crazy to see the public reaction, and suddenly we’re being viewed as really bad people. When literally yesterday, basically no one was wearing masks.”

Peterson continued.

“They tried to see our medical information when we said we had an exemption, and we don’t have to show them that… we don’t have to show the police any of our medical information.”

The supermarket owner then pleads with the pair to wear a mask, saying it’s a ‘$15,000 fine for us as well.’

They were asked to put all the items back and not buy anything as they weren’t following the rules.

“Shameful, absolutely shameful. You’re disgusting too, piece of s–t” Peterson said to staff members as she was kicked out.