Ryan Daniels has attempted explain what on earth happened during Seven’s of his very Crows-centric AFL ladder on Sunday night.

“Oh man,” he cringed as Lisa explained what we saw:

Lisa remarked on the sheer amount of times Adelaide had appeared (no less than nine times LOL) to which Rhino deadpanned: “Big expansion.”

No West Coast at all, while Freo made 7th (they should be 3rd).

“The first giveaway [that something wasn’t right] was that Essendon was first,” he laughed.

“If you wanna know how many people are watching, just make a really big mistake,” he continued.

“I must’ve got 20 messages last night and about a billion on social media.

“So to those watching, yes, the gremlins got in!”

Thing is, he assured us he spent a good 20 minutes crafting the AFL ladder for his sport bulletin… only to be faced with the horror of what we saw, as we were seeing it, in real time, on live TV.

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