The 2022 Hall of Fame award ceremony was held on Tuesday night where, honestly, WA owned the night.

Ryan Daniels clocked that among the eight inductees, WA had strong links with five of them, including Bill Dempsey and Matthew Pavlich.

However, Rhino wanted to talk about one player who wasn’t in the Hall of Fame… and with the following achievements, it’s baffling to think why he isn’t.

  • A Brownlow
  • A premiership flag
  • Six-time All Australian
  • Four-time Best & Fairest
  • AFL Rising Star

“There is only one player in the history of the game to have done all those things,” he deadpanned.

Clairsy & Lisa listed off some who could have easily fit the bill, but no.

“You’ve got us now,” Clairsy said. “I’m stumped.”

Rhino then put all of us out of our collective misery.

“The name is Ben Cousins.”

But did Rhino have some ideas on why? Hoo boy, you bloody betcha.

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