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Best of Breakfast with Blackers, Carmen & Fitzi

  • The Bachelor Australia 2014

    Blake will feature as the Bachelor, he talks about his career path and pesky rumours. On Network 10, 7.30PM tonight.
  • Comedy Brooklyn Nine Nine

    Won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy by the US creators of The Office, Monday, 7.30PM on SBS
  • Lenny Kravitz live from New York

    Lenny Kravitz has a new album 'Strut' available September 19. His latest single 'The Chamber' is available now!
  • West Coast Eagle Sam Butler

    Rumours are swirling that this will be Sam's last season but will it be his last? Same clears up the rumours.
  • The Euro Report with Kieran Phillips

    Dancing for religious mass, 2 minutes exercise a week beats ageing, locals unhappy with mountain climber.
  • Channel 10's Masterchef winner

    Brent Owens has won Masterchef, he tells us what the win means to his career and future plans.
  • Fitzi's Fitness Challenge Reveal

    We find out how Fitzi went during his challenge and what was the result of his weight loss regime? Two winners.
  • Dog faints when owner returns home

    A viral video of a dog who faints with joy while reuniting with his owner begs the question what would a cat do?
  • Actress Sheree Kewell

    Sheree is about to join the cast of Neighbours. Sheree talks career, family and footy husband Harry Kewell.
  • Jako has the wins and losses

    Wrapping up the weekend of footy action, Jako looks at the wins and losses.
  • Dr Sally Cockburn on FEAR!

    Carmen has an irrational fear of people who are sick with a flu, like they are the plague. What's really going on?
  • Relationship and body language expert

    Katia Loisel told us what it takes to tell a lie, and how to catch someone out when they are doing it!
  • Former swimming Olympian Liesel Jones

    Liesel will be one of the commentators at this years Commonwealth Games which has opened in Glasgow yesterday.
  • Race caller Bryan Martin, and Cup Tour Manager Joe McGrath.

    The Melbourne Cup is doing a tour of the country and was with Breakfast this morning. $170,000 of gold!
  • Andrew Williams on series 'Recruit'.

    The Recruit on Wednesdays Fox 8, replays on Fox Footy. Michael Voss is trying to find the star AFL player.
  • Freo's Luke McPharlin

    What happened behind closed doors from Ross Lyon after the major loss last weekend?
  • Dean Cox has announced his retirement

    West Coast Eagle - Coxy has announced his retirement after a stellar career. What's next for him?
  • West Coast Eagle Will Schofield

    Reviewing the Freo vs St Kilda game and the Eagles clash with Richmond this week. What's instore?
  • Founder of

    Terry Ryder has the Top 10 Property Hot Spots in WA!
  • Kieran Phillips with MH17 update

    All the latest out of Europe and the reaction to the shooting down of Malaysia flight MH17 attacked last week.
  • Jimmy Barnes

    We caught up with Barnsy in the lead up to his Perth visit this November for an Evening on the Green at Kings Park.
  • The Voice Host Darren McMullen

    Darren debuts on House Husbands, this Sunday at 9pm on Nine. What's it like working on The Voice and the Voice kids?
  • AFL Footy Show Host Sam Newman

    This week Nine's Footy Show celebrates its 21st birthday. Footy Show party highlights will be on the show.
  • Eamon Sullivan

    Eamon has announced his retirement from the pool. What's next for him?
  • Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels

    Jillian will be in Perth for her tour 'Maximise Your Life' in October and she encourages Fitzi in his challenge.
  • West Coast Eagle Sam Butler

    The WCE are training at Scarborough Beach, the team discussed with him what EVERYONE is thinking about - shrinkage.
  • Reece reviews The Killers Killer Album

    The Killers Killer album a rock band from Las Vegas. Calvin Harris remixes on the album and the album scores 6/10.
  • Mother Suzannah Taylor

    Daughter Ashton has a rare disease requiring multiple operations on her brain. We plan to surprise her later today.
  • OZ Rock Busselton 2015

    Iva Davies of band Icehouse will be at Oz Rock in Busselton on Australia Day!
  • George, Emma and Amy from Sheppard

    The group are touring with Keith Urban. The tight family unit discuss and how they work together,and number one hits.
  • Premier Colin Barnett

    The Rolf Harris verdict and closer to home what can the Premier do to save the Fly By Night lease?
  • Midnight Oil's drummer Rob Hirst

    The 'Midnight Oil' exhibition is on in Manly, the 'Black Rain Falls' doco is out on DVD and the group have released...
  • Drummer Alan White from YES

    YES have announced a tour and will perform in Perth at the Crown Theatre on Nov 12. Tickets on sale from July 7.
  • Opposition leader Mark McGowan

    The topic of illegal downloads is discussed and commits to sign the petition to save the Flybuy Night MC.
  • Suze DeMarchi of Baby Animals

    New release of the Deluxe Fully Loaded edition of 'This Is Not The End'and the interview with Rolling Stones magazine.
  • Historian Glenn A Baker

    Glen has compiled a CD for the 50 year anniversary of the Beatles Australian Tour. Find out what title tracks to expect.
  • 96FM EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lambert

    Adam talks about his experiences with the band and fans so far. Tickets for Queen go on sale this morning.
  • The Arctic Monkeys

    Carmen caught up with Lead singer Alex Turner and Drummer Matt Helders before the Perth show last night.
  • Justin Burford of End Of Fashion

    Justin performs the cover of 'Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit' and he's playing at the Odd Fellow in Freo this Wednesday from 7:30pm.
  • Chris Cheney from The Living End

    The White Album Concert Series will be in Perth July 26. Artists will be perfoming the Beatles White Album from start to finish!
  • Jared Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars

    Oscar winner, musician, actor, Jared Leto was in Perth to perform with 30 Seconds To Mars last night.
  • Musician Ryan Keen

    Ryan on his rise to becoming a musician and what motivated him to become a success?
  • Boy Bear musician Jon Hart

    We talked to Jon Hart from Boy and Bear about how he joined the band, and their massive tour coming up this year.
  • Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age

    QOTSA have a number 1 in the U.S just as they head to Perth for their March 11 concert at Perth Arena with NIN.
  • Kevin Parker from Tame Impala

    Kevin chats with Breakfast about what's in store for them in 2014.

Friday Live with Blackers, Carmen & Fitzi

  • Sunny Cowgirls perform for Friday Live

    The Sunny Cowgirls are performing over the weekend and gave a great performance for our Friday Live audience.
  • Musician Chelsea Basham

    Chelsea has been performing on stage with Keith Urban and writing music with Eskimo Joe and the Mellencamps.
  • Chelsea Basham performs for Friday Live

    Chelsea performs 'Everyday is a winding road' by Sheryl Crow.
  • Chelsea Basham performs for Friday Live

    Chelsea performs 'To Be with you' by Mr Big.
  • The Angels perform for Friday Live

    James Morley, Bob Spencer, Jim Hilburn perform two songs and Mark Evans from ACDC also stops in.
  • The Cairos perform for Friday Live

    The Cairos perform a Fleetwood Mac cover and their own single 'Desire'.
  • Save the FlyBy Night Club

    The Fly By Night in Fremantle may be closed. John Reid, General Manager tells us what we can do to save it.
  • Save the Flybuy Club

    The Fly by Night, Fremantle has been a music venue for aspiring musicians for almost 30 years. It could close #savetheflyby.
  • The Murphy Brothers for Friday Live

    The Murphy Brothers perform 'When The War Is Over' originally by Cold Chisel.
  • Alex Lloyd performs for Breakfast

    Alex Lloyd performs "Good Thing" for Breakfast and will be performing in Perth at the Fly by night club tonight.
  • Dave Hole performing for Friday Live

    Dave performs twice with a song and an acoustic piece.
  • Joy Elevation for Friday Live

    Mia sings 'All I Wanna Do' by Heart. Their album release is Saturday in Freo at Fly By Night club.
  • The Jezabels for Friday Live

    The Jezabels performing 'Look Of Love' and 'The End'.
  • Melbourne band King of the North

    Performing a great reindition of Led Zeppelins 'Dancing Days'.
  • Boom Bap Pow perform for Friday Live

    The Perth band belt out 'Money' by The Beatles and can be seen at several venues around Perth.
  • Joe Camilleri performs for Friday Live

    Music legend Joe performed two songs 'Dead Flowers' and new single 'Can't Give Up On You' for Friday Live.
  • Natalia Eggett performing for Friday Live

    Natalia sings Alannah Myles 'Black Velvet' for our live audience.
  • Russel Morris performing for Friday Live

    Russell performs two songs from his new album 'Van Diemen's Land'.

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